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Tax Advantage

Sixty percent of gains from commodity futures are taxed at the long-term rate (15% as of 2012) and forty percent at the short-term rate.


Many investors add commodity futures to their portfolio as a means of diversifying.

Smart Investing

We research all investments for trends and historical patterns.

Welcome to Pinnacle Commodity Group L.L.C., a firm that strives to bring you commodity investments designed for your risk tolerance and investment goals. As a full service brokerage firm that is tailored to fit all experience level of investors, PCG offers a multitude of investment services appropriate for the individual trader, producers and capital management for businesses.

26th Nov 2014

EIA and API Energy Report

Oil prices continues to dwindle heading into the major OPEC meeting tomorrow. While its anybody’s guess what might happen, there are several member countries, like Saudi Arabia and the United...

24th Nov 2014

Export Inspections, Crop Progress, and Crop Conditions

Demand for soybeans remains strong as export inspections hit 2,784,913 metric tonnes. The net export sales on Thursday may adjust this down, like last week, but low prices have certainly...

21st Nov 2014

USDA Cattle on Feed and Cold Storage

The Cattle on Feed was considered bearish against expectation. This is first time is years that the “on feed” number for cattle was higher than a year ago. Is this...

20th Nov 2014

USDA Slaughter Report

Beef production recovered from last week’s dip but only back to the approximate range that it has lagged this whole year. Check out the data summary for the USDA Cattle...

20th Nov 2014

USDA Grain Export Sales

Soybeans, despite the large export inspections on 11/17, were within the expected range. Corn for this first time in a while was the surprise solidly beating exceptions. So where did...

19th Nov 2014

EIA and API Energy Report

The inventory increases are back on track after the only decrease in crude inventory last week in a while. While 2.6 mln bbls isn’t near as big as 7.1 mln...

17th Nov 2014

Crop Progress, Conditions, and Export Inspections 11-17-14

The big news again this week is the massive export figures for soybeans. While corn and wheat lag behind the 5 year averages, soybeans are well ahead and have shown...

13th Nov 2014
Well Horsehead

EIA and API Energy Reports 11-13-14

As of this posting crude is down over $2 on the day and has put in a low under $75. The trend is remaining strong and we anticipate crude to...