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Tax Advantage

Sixty percent of gains from commodity futures are taxed at the long-term rate (15% as of 2012) and forty percent at the short-term rate.


Many investors add commodity futures to their portfolio as a means of diversifying.

Smart Investing

We research all investments for trends and historical patterns.

Welcome to Pinnacle Commodity Group L.L.C., a firm that strives to bring you commodity investments designed for your risk tolerance and investment goals. As a full service brokerage firm that is tailored to fit all experience level of investors, PCG offers a multitude of investment services appropriate for the individual trader, producers and capital management for businesses.

29th Oct 2014
Shale gas-5

EIA and API Energy Report 10-29-14

Oil is enjoying a modest bump today after a brutal October. Supplies continue to hamper prices as production beats demand. It’s created a game of chicken between the major producers...

27th Oct 2014

Cattle and Cold Storage

Lower storage numbers for meats from a year ago Corn rally has not hampered the cattle crush Cattle and oil heading in opposite directions November feeder cattle have retraced about...

27th Oct 2014

Crop Conditions, Progress, and Export Inspections 10-27

Both corn and soybeans have found new life through the month of October as low prices have attracted new buyers. Soybeans in particular have garnered a lot of demand with...

24th Oct 2014

USDA Cattle on Feed and Cold Storage Report

The latest Cattle on Feed report from the USDA was considered neutral against expectations. Placements came in slightly below expectations while marketings were slightly above expectations. The underlying support for...

23rd Oct 2014

USDA Cattle Slaughter Report 10-23

Beef production caught up a little bit as the price of live cattle continue to push higher despite the already high prices. The recent push up corn tempered feeder cattle...

22nd Oct 2014
Well Horsehead

Energy Report 10-22

After the API increased crude stocks by only a small margin yesterday, the EIA came out with another massive figure at over seven million barrels added. Two very large increase...

20th Oct 2014

Crop Conditions, Progress, and Exports 10-20

Soybeans inspections are up significantly for exports as the recent low prices have clearly spurred some international demand. Unless Brazil can find some rain in the near future, demand could...

17th Oct 2014

USDA Export Sales Net 10-17

Corn and soybeans both hit at the top of the range for expectations. Right along side the good demand, prices for both have steady climbed since reaching lows about 3...