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Tax Advantage

Sixty percent of gains from commodity futures are taxed at the long-term rate (15% as of 2012) and forty percent at the short-term rate.


Many investors add commodity futures to their portfolio as a means of diversifying.

Smart Investing

We research all investments for trends and historical patterns.

Welcome to Pinnacle Commodity Group L.L.C., a firm that strives to bring you commodity investments designed for your risk tolerance and investment goals. As a full service brokerage firm that is tailored to fit all experience level of investors, PCG offers a multitude of investment services appropriate for the individual trader, producers and capital management for businesses.

16th Sep 2014
wheat futures - investment services

Crop Conditions, Progress, and Export Inspections

The crops have proven resilient during the recent frost scares and the bearish trend has continued across the board. With the current outlook looking warmer there appears to be few...

12th Sep 2014
corn 1-1 ratio

USDA Supply and Demand Report 9-11-14

rains were again bearish across the board after the USDA Supply and Demand Report. Crop conditions continue to look excellent with hardly any deterioration in quality. And while the rain...

27th Aug 2014

EIA and API Energy Report 8-27-14

Geopolitical conflicts continue to be a threat overseas but the robust inventory in the US has hampered oil prices. Since June oil prices have fallen almost $10 a barrel. This...

22nd Aug 2014

USDA Cattle on Feed and Cold Storage

Both reports looked bearish across the board for both pork and beef prices. USDA Cattle On Feed Headline Recap **USDA Cattle On Feed Aug 1: 98%; estimate 97%; prior month...

14th Aug 2014

Weekly Energy Report 8-14-14

Natural gas prices have continued to weaken after a short rally earlier this weak. The low demand from the cooler summer has taken a lot of relief off the the...

12th Aug 2014
Corn commodity futures for investing

USDA Crop Production Report 8-12-14

The rains came just in time to relieve some of the drier areas of the Midwest and help complete the soybean crop during this crucial period. The forecast for even...

07th Aug 2014

Weekly Energy Report 8-7-14

Gasoline stocks saw a very large decrease as lowering oil prices lowered prices at the pump. Demand will likely continue to grow as long as prices remain ambivalent on geopolitical...

04th Aug 2014
wheat futures - investment services

Crop Progress 8/4/14

Weather continues to be the focus as corn finishes up silking and soybeans continue to flower throughout August. Some drier conditions in the Midwest may find some relief this week...